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12080 Homedale Road
Klamath Falls, OR 97603


Noonan Farms is truly a steward to the earth they farm. In addition to being organically certified, their process of farming includes the careful integration of walking wetlands; an innovative method that ensures a prosperous coexistence of wildlife and agriculture.

Organic Growing / Walking Wetlands

Noonan Farms, in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, has incorporated their own federally approved, private, walking wetlands project. Incorporating this conservation effort has a two-fold benefit: First, the soil quality is enhanced for superior organic farming. And secondly, the additional wetlands are vital to the livelihood of the hundreds of species of birds that migrate through and reside in the Klamath Basin each year.

Using a rotation process, Noonan Farms floods a 200 acre block of land. Canal water sits for three years on this land during which time aquatic plants will colonize and produce a living environment for birds like the American Bald Eagle, the Golden Eagle, Pelicans, Falcons, Osprey, Canadian Geese and Blue Heron, to name a few. After this land's tenure as a wetland, it is drained and another 200 acres will become servant to this incredible life giving agricultural process. The land, after it has been drained, is now optimally prepared for organic production. This wetland has naturally transformed the soil's fertility and environment, now eliminating any need for chemicals in the growing process and reducing the risk of soil pathogens. As a result, this section of land that was just providing for the benefit of our environment is now prepared to yield an organic product that is measurably better for the consumer.

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